Technological Education

Student Voice

“Niagara Launch Centre provides a great atmosphere where everyone here is interested in the same subject.  I enjoy the classes because  it is very educational and interesting with amazing hands on capabilities and life long skills.”


- Daniel O., Grade 12,

Lakeshore Catholic Secondary School

“This experience here has affected my pathway and career choice because it made me really feel what this trade is going to be like out in the real world.  You feel what it’s like to be doing this for the rest of your life so its good to see if that’s what you really want to do.”


- Chris D., Grade 11,

Notre Dame College School

“The Launch Centre is different from being at school, it gives us the idea of what it is like to work in an auto-motive shop.  Kind of like an apprenticeship.  We would learn in the classroom and then do hands on work in the shop.”


- Madison S., Grade 10,

Notre Dame College School

“I have fun on trips and at events as we are showed what the workforce is like.  If you know a little or a lot you should definitely take a class here because it’s a great experience.”


- Damion S., Grade 12

Denis Morris Catholic High School

“The best thing here is that there are so many machines that I can used to complete many tasks.  I practice my skills here and learn from industry people like Ray from Oskam Steel Fabricators and I think that’s neat.”


- Jimmy S., Grade 12,

Lakeshore Catholic High School

“Niagara Launch Centre has helped me more than anything else because I am able to work one on one with teachers and it has made me comfortable and confident.  The teachers ask you to try a bit of everything to see what you like and in the shop I discovered that I love plumbing.”


- James S., Grade 12,

Notre Dame College School

"A highly skilled and adaptable workforce is the foundation of Ontario’s economic competitiveness. Employers, educators and government all have key roles to play to prepare the workforce for tomorrow’s technology-driven knowledge economy."


- Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario

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