How to Apply to a SHSM Program

  1. Applications can be submitted in Grade 9, 10, 11 or 12.  Submitting an application in Grade 9 or 10 will ensure that your academic and experiential schedule will satisfy SHSM requirements.
  2. Complete the SHSM Intention Sheet for your students' school:
  3. Email or send the application to the students’ secondary school Student Services Department:


Notre Dame College School

Dave Giammarco

Guidance Program Chair


E-mail: Dave Giammarco


Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

Lisa Fazzalari

Guidance Program Chair


E-mail: Lisa Fazzalari


Saint Paul Catholic High School

Giananne Lennox

Guidance Program Chair


E-mail: Giananne Lennox


Saint Michael Catholic High School

Mark Casburn

Guidance Program Chair


E-Mail: Mark Casburn


Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School

Josephine Moretuzzo

Guidance Program Chair


E-mail: Josephine Moretuzzo


Denis Morris Catholic High School

Melissa Gordon

Guidance Program Chair


E-mail: Melissa Gordon


Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School

Erin Farkas

Guidance Program Chair


E-Mail: Erin Farkas


Lakeshore Catholic High School

Pina Griepsma

Guidance Program Chair


E-mail: Pina Griepsma

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