Pope Francis Centre

Role of a Pope Francis Staff Members

•         Be a Catholic faith leader in the community, participating and leading students in daily reflections.

• Manage classroom procedures and at-risk student behaviours.

• Work with a support team to create an environment of respect and rapport in which student voice actively contributes to both student learning and the learning environment and helps to establish a culture for learning.

• Actively participate in healthy living and experiential learning opportunities for students.

• Liaise between Fresh Start and students’ home schools by upon occasion or if required, participate in school SST meetings, and other means of communication for the students assigned to the Program.

• Arrange and conduct Fresh Start intake meetings, as well as transition meetings for students leaving Fresh Start.

• Maintain accurate student records and report on student success and other pertinent issues to home schools and families.

• Track and report daily attendance for students.

• Work with students to create achievable plans which include academic and personal goals especially for learners who are at risk.

• Engage students in learning by designing and evaluating individualized learning opportunities and student assessments aligned with curriculum expectations.

• Communicate learning goals and success criteria to students. Emphasis placed on FORGIVENESS – that staff and students from Fresh Start and home school share a common goal of forgiving each other and move forward to a successful transition.

•         Demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness to individual needs of students.

• Demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness to the needs to the Fresh Start community. The purpose of our program is to refine student conduct as we attempt to assist the student redefine who they want to be, what role they can play in the community at large so that one day they “truly will be great”.

• Support and develop family and community partnerships.

• Actively participate in the Catholic professional learning community at Fresh Start including weekly and monthly meetings.

• Demonstrate a high level of professionalism, integrity and ethical conduct.

• Report to the Principal of the Pope Francis Centre or designate, assigned to oversee Fresh Start staff and programs.

Responsibilities of a student admitted into the Fresh Start/ Jump Start/ Young Parents Program

At Pope Francis Centre, all students work on the following goals, although the goals will be customized for individual students. Staff should meet regularly with students, both individually and as a group to review student expectations.


• Come to school with a positive outlook, ready to learn. BE HONEST. Let staff know if there are any implications from the previous day or night that may interfere with their regular participation in the school day.

• Attend school regularly and on time according to individualized schedules.

• If late, make up time after class or make arrangements with teacher for additional help.

• Complete all work as assigned by teachers.

• Be focused on one’s own assignments and complete work to the best of his or her ability.

• Advocate for themselves when experiencing academic difficulties.

• Use the supports provided to them as needed. Demonstrate knowledge of the supports that are available to them, and the purpose by which they can access those supports.

• Use cell phone appropriately in class (i.e. for emergencies, or to complete work and not having it interfere with ability to complete assignments and not be a distraction).

• Clean up own work area and do dishes at the end of each class.

• Take responsibility for one’s own actions and learning needs.

•         Use appropriate language in class. Understand that words cannot be taken back with a simple apology; words must be replaced with more appropriate words and actions in a timely fashion. This can look different for some students. It can be in written form or verbal. FORGIVENESS – be sure to forgive those before us so we can move forward in a positive direction.

• Use positive strategies to deal with issues that arise, either school related or personal.

• Use social/emotional supports available as needed.

• Respect the facility.

• Be aware that the Fresh Start staff work as a part of a larger support team. Personal information may be shared as required with Administrators, Guidance, and home school support staff.

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