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As the child’s first teacher, the parent sets the tone for learning and loving math.  Try not to talk negatively about math. If a child hears an adult role model say, “I’m not one of those math people,” or “I never use math,” they receive the message that only certain people can do math and that math is not important.  When your child believes that only special people are born with the “math gene” or that school math does not really matter in daily life, they are not going to be as open to learning. The more often children hear cynical comments, the more deeply rooted their dislike of math becomes.


Staying positive about math will alleviate some of the anxiety that children feel around math.  Children’s early math anxieties are known to snowball over time, so youngsters who are anxious about math are more likely to become adolescents and young adults who avoid math courses and math-related career choices.  If you have high expectations for your child, you are more likely to set high standards for your child’s schooling.  In turn, they will be more likely to transmit the values of doing well in school and to set high standards for their own children’s learning.


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Please see this resource guide for parents on how to help their child stay positive in math class- created by the Council of Directors of Ontario

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Dr. Jo Boaler is a researcher and teacher at Stanford University and has created this site for teachers, parents and students.  Her work has been around math attitudes and how to encourage students to stay positive in math.

Stanford University Resources for Parents


This is a parent resource that gives helpful hints on how to encourage math in everyday situations.  It is a K-Grade 6 resource.

Doing Mathematics With Your Child- A Parent Guide

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