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Niagara LINK


Niagara LINK

Niagara LINK is a program designed for students who are not currently attending secondary school or who are at risk of leaving school before graduation.  Niagara LINK allows students to work towards earning secondary school courses while at the same time earning one Niagara College Dual Credit.  (A Dual Credit counts both as a secondary school credit AND a College general elective credit)


The College environment provides students with a glimpse of “life after high school” and is different from some of the elements of a typical secondary school environment.  It is the perfect transition program from high school to post-secondary.


"This program was good for me because it helped me finish my last high school marks. The setting was right and I was able to get my work done thanks to the nice setting. I came to school pretty much everyday where as when I went to high school I would go maybe once a week. I really liked this program and it helped me very much."


"In my opinion I think that the LINK program has been one of the best things that has happened to me for my schooling. Chris is a great teacher who makes everything understandable and easier. I've become more dedicated to school. I love school now and I'm glad to be here. It is very beneficial to students."


"What I like about being at the LINK program is being away from drama and all the childish games. I love being treated like an adult and having leeway. I am an independent person and I like how I can be as independent as I want. I didn't like how we just got work handed to us and told to do it but for the most part this is hands down the best school. It allowed me to graduate not only on time but meet new people with a similar story as me and I loved our teacher. So understandable and respectful towards us."


"I like this course because Chris is nice. There is always food, and I get my work done sometimes."


"I believe the program was beneficial for me because you get your credits faster and you are not in a high school environment."


" I really liked this program because it's really beneficial to me and other students that do not like high school but need credits. And being a young mom it gave me stability and kept me in a routine. It gives you a chance to see how college is. It is a really good program to get into."

Benefits of LINK:

  • Mature, respectful classroom environment
  • Access to on campus activities, facilities and resources
  • Support of a Niagara Catholic teacher and academic support staff
  • No tuition fees
  • Assigned Niagara College ID card and UPass (with access to regional and city transit)


Is Niagara LINK for you?

  • Are you interested in something new and different?
  • Are you ready and looking for a change?
  • Are you ready to work to your full potential?
  • Have you previously left school or are you thinking of leaving school?
  • Do you have 8 or fewer credits that you need in order to graduate?
  • Are you 18-21 years of age?

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