Pope Francis Centre

Jump Start Program

Jump Start is part of the Niagara Catholic Pope Francis Centre. The focus of the Jump Start Program is to provide students who are experiencing attendance difficulties an opportunity to attend school on an interim basis.  Jump

Start is an integrated program between elementary and secondary schools, community partners and a student’s parent / guardian.


The Jump Start Program will strive to:

• address both academic and non-academic matters;

• provide students with the academic, social / behaviour skills, and supports to re-enter their home

school environment with confidence;

• develop positive relationships among students, parents, and the community and schools to support regular school attendance.


Provide programs containing strategies for:

• building positive attitudes;

• developing positive behaviours;

• providing continuous learning and successful re-integration into the home-school setting;

• reduce the recidivism of absences from their home school.


Student Eligibility

• In order for a student to be eligible for the Jump Start Program, a referral to the program must be

made by the Principal / Vice Principal of the student’s home school and / or Niagara Catholic’s

Attendance Counsellor.

• The student must be in Grade 6 to 12 unless otherwise approved by the Family of Schools

Superintendent of Education.

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