Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship


ICE at Niagara Catholic

After two years of successful board initiatied ICE pilot projects involving over 250 Niagara Catholic students, our NCDSB has moved onto implementing ICE Training in each of our secondary schools.  Individual secondary schools are committed to working on school and class community ICE Projects for the 2015/16 school year with full implementation to be delivered in 2017.

ICE Hockey Net Project

What is ICE?

The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship (ICE) training is one way the Ontario Ministry of Education is helping prepare students for the future.  This training initiative takes a process- based approach to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship by encouraging the application of key skills to a unique experience solving real world, sector-relevant challenges, developed in consultation with employers/ sector partners.


3 Gears to Creating Innovative Strategies to Meet Customer Needs

The Goals of ICE Training

ICE training will provide students with a process and set of tools that help them develop the mindsets related to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.  Through this training, students will develop sector specific knowledge and skills to solve real world problems.

Empathy and Need Finding in ICE

  • Build empathy and understand another persons needs
  • Work with a sector partner to help the task come alive- see the needs/ the gaps, and bring about innovation
  • Sector partners will reveal their need and you will find solutions
  • Sector partners can include:
  • Local non profit organizations
  • Local businesses
  • Parishes/ schools
  • Community leaders



ICE Sauce Project

ICE Rabbit Home Construction Project

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